The Legend of Slottsfjellet: Foreword and Disclaimer

I have been really itching to get back to writing; it’s been a long time since I did any serious work. I’ve been recently inspired by my cousin, Nicole Bailey, who has been working on her first novel and allowing me to edit; and a long-ago classmate from art school, Margaret Dilloway, who wrote and published her first novel, How to Be an American Housewife (read about it at, buy it on, or drop by and borrow my copy); and by my friend, Wyatt Winnie, who let me know when I mentioned that I had once started on a novel that he had written three novels—”but that’s just within the past year.”

I decided to pull out that novel I once started, and give it a read. It’s not going to be on any bestseller list any time soon—or probably ever—but it was delightful for me to take a trip back in time and remember all the things which were going on in my life during the period when I wrote the story. Some of you even knew me way back then!

The story was started sometime between 1992 and 1994, and hasn’t really been touched since. So, today I decided to have a little fun with it and post it online here, in “serial” format—I will type up two or three sections each week, time permitting, so you can all enjoy, comment, and—if you’d like—make suggestions. Perhaps with your help, I will actually finish the story/novel! I will update this post with links to the sections as they get added.

You may wonder a little about the subject matter, and why I would choose it: since explaining the inspiration for the story is also a bit of a spoiler, I will post it following the first section or two, and you can read about it then. (Hint: Rebecca McLeod should already know.)

Finally, I want to remind you again and make very clear that this is an unfinished story, so that when you get to the last post and it suddenly stops, you are not surprised and angry with me for leaving you in the middle of the book. Consider yourself warned!

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